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25 June 2010 @ 04:08 pm
U-Kiss in Malaysia/Singapore; ukissme.SG  
Having the boys over on our sunny island for the past few days was such a blessing! 


We left for Malaysia on the 16th for church camp, and it was such a relaxing and refreshing camp, being able to sort of renew ourselves after those nights of very little sleep. Diving into our beds and eating rubbish and watching TV, we lived like pigs HAHAHA. Very happy pigs though :P Although certain things had made me feel very down at some point of time, which ended in writing a letter regarding that issue, I had decided to lift up all those problems and troubles to God, and let Him settle it, somehow. When we received news about the boys' confirmed arrival, which was slated to touch down at 10.20am, whilst our flight would touch down at 11.10am, it was quite a problem because we had to re-coordinate the van and delivering of drinks/snacks and all. However, much to our surprise, our plane arrived much earlier and we actually touched down about the same time the boys did. In addition to that, we could all use the auto-gate so immigration was a breeze -okay we were running- and guess what! Once we reached their arrival belt, the boys started pouring out about 2 minutes after we reached. We were able to catch the boys! :D

Oops I went too far.. In Malaysia~~~
I was seated quite far away from my girls T.T I had Shahira and Willy beside me, this Willy couldn't look at the stage due to her nervousness haha! I was holding up the Xanderettes 1.0 board that Gillian had made for both of us, when U-Kiss came on stage, and Alexander saw and I caught his eye once and he smiled and waved. I think he must've made a mental note because later on, he picked me to go on stage to play the first game! Before, he went over to Eli and whispered something into his ear, and Eli pointed at where the girls were sitting. Anthea had already stood up to go on stage, but this girl behind her holding a huge Eli board ran up on stage :> I didn't see Eli's expression but ehhh.. it was quite unexpected lol. It would've been fun if Anthea went up on stage with me :( Anyway, Alexander was surprised when I told him my name, -his eyes went wide, his mouth dropped and he jumped backwards- and he said he was glad to finally be able to meet me (: Alexander is VERY TALL, and is actually much better looking in person, yes he is handsome! (: His eyes are gigantic like that O.O HAHA xD I think the girl standing next to me is an Alexander fan, because she kept leaning over to speak in Cantonese to him, so I said Hi to Eli :D I told him that I'm from Singapore & would be seeing them for the next 3 days, he just said, "Oh really?" and smiled haha! Eli is much skinnier in real life. Ohhhhh the girl standing beside me asked for Alexander's help to translate for Kiseop, and he was like, "I'm the translator for the group.." HAHA I know :P And Dongho.... DONGHO. DONGHO. DONGHO.

Dongho is astonishingly good looking in person. I'm serious. I couldn't stop looking at him as he talked to the manager, he sure did grow up well :')

cr. cordelia

I was really calm as I lost the game to Alexander.. I did say I was bad at it :3 And I was caught by surprise when the MC asked for all the 7 boys to hug me, haha! I remained very cool and collected, although inside I was shaking a little, but it was OK! Actually, the hug looks better from the outside :P From the inside...... I just saw patches of white outfits haha~ I'm too short ._. I didn't even know who was in front of me, looks like it's Alexander & Soohyun xD When I got off the stage, Ant was the first to hug me HAHA. When I went back to my seat, Dura (the no.1 girl beside me), "OMG YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!!!" & Willy was like.. "YOU DON'T FEEL NERVOUS AT ALL ONE MEH?!" HAHAHA xD I was... OK :D One second later I tweeted that I got a group hug <3

I regret not saying anything to Soohyun, BOTH TIMES YOU KNOW T.T I don't know why cat caught my tongue :( :( :( My "conversation" went like this: 

Soohyun: *looks at me* 
Me: *smiles*
Soohyun: So beautiful...
Me: *giggle* Thank you.. *pause* I'm a fan from Singapore (in stuttering Korean)
Soohyun: Huh? 
Me: A Singaporean fan.



*smacks self*

the original Xanderettes :P aka Xanderettes 1.0 now! :D

Actually I think someone else should've gotten the chance to go on stage to play the game with Alexander, because I actually went up on stage 3 times that day? Once for the games, the second time for the signing, and the third time for the Top 20 photo. I think Alexander was surprised, he kept going "HE~LLOO~" when he saw me, although the third time I kind of ignored him because I was still preoccupied by the chaotic queues and Willy & Shahira separated from me T.T I also lost my Xanderette 1.0 board to him :3 Because when we went up on stage for the signing, I was actually the 2nd person, and I think they were still discussing marker issues, while suddenly some of the girls went to stand in front of the members, Dongho, Kevin, so I just followed suit and went to the 3rd member who was Alexander. Wait no, actually, we thought that the photo taking would take place first, since we already had the Top 20 people there, so I told him to hold it, then suddenly they pushed back and started from the 1st person, so I couldn't get my board back >.< AIGOO. Then again, if I didn't leave it with him, we wouldn't have this picture: 

cr. as tagged

Anyway, they had marker issues lol. And the whole time they were talking to the manager, I couldn't help staring at Dongho LOL. Like Gladys said, Dongho is actually more of a handsome rather than cute. And it's true!! When the person announced for the Top 20 people to gather by the stage, I was panicking because I couldn't find Willy nor Shahira. Even up to the steps of the stage, I continued to search for them in the crowd. Finally I saw both of the scurrying towards the stage and I was SO RELIEVED. However, the security person wouldn't allow both of them to join behind me, and told them both to queue. I was busy arguing with him saying that their numbers are both behind me, but he just wouldn't allow. At the same time, the people on stage were shouting for one more person to go up on stage and I was separated from them :( All the boys and the girls were stationed in their position on stage already and I was like O_O??? I walked over to Alexander with the intent of attempting to ask for my board back but I think he couldn't hear or understand and was like "Huh??" And one second later the camera was taking photos so I immediately fished up my boards and just smiled :> I ended up taking a photo with Eli, Kibum & Alexander lol, while the others on stage were one-member each..?

HAHAHA Soohyun & his fan.. kind of.. awkward o.O 

Okay, fansign conversations:

Me: *waves* 안녕하세요~!
Dongho: Hello!
Me: I'm a fan from Singapore..
Dongho: Singapore? Thank you!

I can't remember my conversation with Kevin and Kiseop T-T

OH HE-LLO~ *shakes hand*
Me: I'll be seeing you guys tomorrow! 
Alexander: Oh yeah, you're from Singapore..
Alexander: (to Kibum) *points to me* 싱가폴 팬 *can't hear*.. (Singapore fan) 

Kibum: 어? 싱가폴? *surprised look on face* (Oh? Singapore?) 
Me: 네.. *pause*  2년 전에 봤어요.. (Yes... I saw you 2 years ago..) 
Kibum: *surprised* 어! 한국말도 잘하네.. (Your korean is good too..) 
Me: 감사합ㄴ---아니예요!!.. ㅋㅋ *smiles* (Thank yo-nooooo~~ hehe) 

Me: Hi ELI!!
Eli: Hi~~ *smiles* 
Me: *bends down to look at Eli's signature* -I can't recall if I actually said "So cute" out loud or not :S- (Eli's signature is really cute, I was trying to figure out what he was drawing. The way he draws his pig is super cute, his face was so near the album, carefully drawing *hearts in eyes*)

After all of us finished the fansign, we waited for the whole thing to be over, and because they could only play the album over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.. We decided to do the 니가좋아 cheers~

개구장이 알렉산더
파워보컬 신수현
조갑미남 김기범
어린왕자 케빈
간지랩퍼 일라이
귀염둥이 신동호
사랑해요 이기섭

니! 가! 좋! 아!

The most important line haha. Apparently during the ILY performance, Eli heard the girls cheer, so he kept going to their side afterwards heehee. Soohyun heard us doing the cheers, and he laughed and clapped xD

The boys are just lovely! 


20th: Fansign + Meet & Greet

We dashed through T2 and flew to the boys' arrival belt. Upon spotting Grace, we flew towards where they were, and met 쿠로언니 for the first time! :D With our bags and luggage, what felt like seconds later, the boys started pouring out and Gillian and I dashed to the doors, and everyone in our van ran to the doors. The uncle was still at the coach bay T-T I called for him to come over immediately. We had to wait for a while before he reached, and 역시.. Uncle Alan is the best. He was able to catch up with them in no time, but they had their curtains drawn so we couldn't see either of them :3

Arrival at the hotel was quite peaceful, they were able to walk through the hotel with no qualms. 쿠로언니 walked beside Eli as he walked, and he was surprised to see her lol! Aigoo, Gillian and I should've walked next to Alexander, I don't think he saw us LOL. I don't know why I was scared of calling out his name too :P Gillian missed him by a second I think. If only the fans were all like that, the boys weren't touched or pushed or mobbed. Most of the fans were already waiting at IMM. We also met Ohmsin, from U-KISSTHAILAND, for the first time at the hotel! :D

We decided to head over to IMM, get some lunch before going into the fansign venue. Most of us had Chicken Rice, including 쿠로언니 xD Later on we found out that the boys themselves ate Chicken Rice too! :P Anyway,

I think the boys recognised us via our banners, because we were the only ones with them, and Grace's 62405 (육이사공오 = 유키스 동호) got noticed by Dongho and he kept looking at her A LOT.

JIAJING got picked to go onstage to take a photo with the boys!!!! Kibum rested his chin on her head, so cute! <3

As usual, they were playing and playing and playing over and over and over and over again the Only One album, and of course we again decided to do the fanchants. It was quite a terrible day though, because we arrived late and we had to sit in the sun x_x Gillian felt nauseous :x Anyway, we did shout the fanchants, and I couldn't really see if anyone acknowledged them o.O At one point of time, Sue was holding the U-Kiss banner upside down, and Kibum kept looking at her, and he did this hand action as if saying to turn around. Sue was laughing, thinking someone held their banner upside down, until she looked at hers and realised that it was her LOL! After that we held our banners upside down but they didn't respond tsk. LOL!! I'm not quite sure if Alexander spotted Gillian and me, but there were a lot of people so I doubt so. I know Eli kept looking towards our area, and Kibum recognised us as the fans in Malaysia haha xD AND. Grace & Ohmsin got picked to play games with the boys onstage for the showcase!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D 

Okay, fansign conversations again: 

Me: 안녕하세요~ (Hello)
Dongho: Hi~
Me: 어제 만났어요 기억해요? (I met you yesterday do you remember?) 
Dongho: *looks up* 말레시야? (Malaysia?) 
Me: 네.. (Yes) 
Dongho: 감사합니다~ *shakes hand* (Thank you)


Me: Hi Eli! Do you remember me? 
Eli: *looks at me* *turns head* YEAH! I do! 


*Gillian talking to Alexander*

cr. ukissme.SG

Me: Hi~
Alexander: He~llo! 
Me: Did you get to see the book that we made for you? 
Alexander: (to me & Gillian) Yeah, we saw it! Actually I have it in my bag right now, you guys did a great job! It's really helpful, the food and everything. Good job! *shakes hand*

Me: Hi Kevin! Do you like the book that we made for you? 
Kevin: Yes, I love it! Thanks for everything! *shakes hand* *hi-fives*

AND AGAIN. Cat got my tongue when it came to Soohyun T____________________T


I just can't seem to say anything in front of him, other than registering the image of the water droplet at his bottom lip LOL. His smile is so cute! :D

After making sure we got all our van members, we went on to Mediacorp to start queuing up and changing into our shirts :D 

At first Uncle Alan scared the daylights out of me, saying that the boys had left and it might've been a pre-recording. Then again, the show is supposed to be LIVE, and they couldn't possibly cheat the feelings of all the Kiss Mes there right? Cordelia went to check, and turns out that the boys did leave, but they came to Mediacorp first for a rehearsal, and then they were going back to their hotel to get ready before coming back for the show recording. *PHEW* Then, Guean came and told us that we wouldn't be allowed to bring in our fanboards, so we tried to hide all our fanboards, stuffing some into Ant's panda, but poor Siti had to destroy hers >.< I feel really bad because in the end, we were not only allowed to bring in our fanboards but even encouraged to use them :O !! The most 대박 would be Grace, who stuffed her 62405 into the back of her shirt LOL like a backbone brace HAHAHAAHAHA. That was hilarious :P

While waiting for the show to go live, the secondary MC entertained the crowd and tried to make everyone high. He was quite annoying but of course, that is his job, to keep the audience entertained during intervals and while waiting for the show to go live. We had 200 pink and white balloons to give out, and we were discussing how to give them out. We eventually settled on passing down the packets of balloons, and somehow, in contrary to what I thought would happen -people wouldn't take them- suddenly, everyone wanted balloons! :O :O :O So we split up and started handing balloons all over the studio, and the MC saw us giving out balloons and exclaimed for the "chairperson" of this "U-Kiss fanclub" LOL & girls from above shouted "GILLIAN!!!!" After that, ukissme.SG got promoted to cloud nine constantly :O Kevin and Eli's tweets were even read out halfway, receiving screams and cheers from the audience! 

Awwwwwww. I love you too!

We actually had a chance to do the 니가좋아 cheers yet AGAIN.. And this time round, from where I was sitting, we could see the boys backstage peeping to the audience. Gillian said it was Kevin o.o and he was staring at us as we shouted the fanchants >.< SO EMBARRASSING :3 We like brought that resident cheer all the way from Malaysia to Singapore, and we never stopped using it HAHA. The show was really a blast, other than the "bai bei bai bei bai bei", I think the crew was really impressed by the audience because the MC thanked us for being passionate and still screaming even though it wasn't U-Kiss. The hosts said that that type of audience was very rare for the show o.o I never expected the entire studio to be filled with Kiss Me, almost the entire studio :O :O :O White and pink balloons everywhere, and boards and banners, WOW.


The screams kind of never ceased :O It was so hard to hear what they were all saying! The cheers were loud and it was pretty impressive, when we went back and watched it on TV :D 

I survived the first day with 2 donuts in the morning and chicken rice & wantons for lunch. Grace & Aricia got picked to go on stage to play games with the boys during the showcase 8D

Anthea's 애교 was too powerful for Uncle Alan that he gave in and sent us back to Gillian's house, with all our luggage. Gillian left her phone in Uncle Alan's van lol. He charged it for her! 

21st: Showcase

We were supposed to wake up earlier, but well, we value sleep > queuing up for U-Kiss lol, so we reached St. James about 11.30am..? With the food and drinks, we got stares again o.o But then, maybe it's just because our taxi stopped in the middle of both queues haha. Later on we were able to put the food and drinks into their van, and had quite a conversation with the van uncle. Then there was one uncle who was talking about one of the boys, the "white white" one, and he asked us if he even ate at all. No surprise, it's Kevin! Everyone seems to always ask about our shirts haha.. For some reason! 

Gillian and Ant brought Kuro to eat at Vivocity, and returned later with our drinks, char siew bao, chee cheong fun for Grace and I. After eating the bao I felt nauseous for some reason, and I didn't know but Grace actually felt nauseous too :> The queue had many problems, due to the absence of any organising staff being present to arrange the queues, letting earlier fans do so. There were even people who arrived very late yet were able to enter in, but eventually I heard they got chased out..? Going in, our team was split up because most of our team was up there while Sue and I were immersed in the crowd below. We chose to stand at the left of the stage comfortably, despite not having the best view. The boys hardly looked to the left as well! Beside me were 2 girls who stood on what seemed like very small stools o.o Eventually I stood further and further away haha, in my own space. Shirly and Vanessa were beside me, nono, Shirly, Vanessa and JEANETTE lol on the phone from Macau, were beside me. At one point of time when Alexander scanned through the audience, he paused seeing Sue's and my U-Kiss banner, and he squinted, did this hand above eyes action, saw me, caught my eye and smiled and waved.

cr, madpeach90 (michelle)

"Thank you all. We want to thank all of our Singaporean fans for supporting us for all this time. You’ve been so loyal to us. All I wanna say is we love you all from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much. Yes that’s right. Thank you all for supporting us since the beginning of our debut. Without you guys we won’t be here now. We promise we will try to come back here again. I just wanna let you guys know we love you. Thank you." Eli & Alexander during End of the Road.

When the boys were singing "End of the Road", Vanessa started crying :O Shirly and I hugged her as they sang.. To be honest, I was THIS close to start crying as well >.< It was nevertheless a breathtakingly beautiful performance, our boys are nothing short of amazing, aren't they? xD

Really made me think of the 니가좋아 days.. when people criticised them, calling them names, hardly anyone cheered. Still, their comeback was so exciting for us! I still remember thinking how Eli looked so happy in the performance, and Kevin's wink LOL under his superman "d-oing" hair xD And why so few people saw how awesome they were already. Then, made me think of our previous projects :D :D :D


cr. madpeach90 (michelle)

cr. namaste_ui (kuro unnie)

We didn't manage to fix a plan for Alexander's birthday, but eventually, by God's grace, & unforeseen circumstances, thanks to the MC Ken, we were able to celebrate his birthday too with no problems (: Before the showcase started, a group of our girls in the front actually shouted "ukissmeSG!!!!!!" I was like :O :O :O :O :') Alexander was taken aback by his birthday surprise, and it was really joyful to see them so happy on stage! (: I was basically smiling throughout the entire showcase, of course screaming fanchants but looking at each of them carefully and trying to save them into my memory.

According to Yijie, Eli actually took our ukissme.SG sticker, pasted it to his finger and smacked it at the bus window, teasing the fans LOL. I really really really really really want to see a fancam of that!! xD

I actually don't have much account of the showcase, but it was really comfortable to stand in my own space LOL I could like even run about with the amount of space that was there! I felt a tinge of sadness after it ended, and when we went out, some of our girls started crying.. awwwwww.. And.. Never had I felt so proud to be part of ukissme.SG.

It then dawned on me how much ukissme.SG had grown, we had been growing slowly over the the year, yet this experience had really set ukissme.SG on a pedestal. Although we are not an official fanclub, there is no official U-Kiss Singapore fanclub, but I feel that through this experience, I really was able to see clearly who the real Kiss Mes are. The kind who love them enough to rather themselves not see them than for them to get hurt but be close to them.

Ohmsin was leaving on the 22nd afternoon, so we said our goodbyes, and she cried, because she said she would miss us T-T We must've been the most international bunch of fans there ;) It was so cool having KURO & Ohmsin with us, an honour ;) 

While walking to draw money from the ATM, I was actually kind of walking with my head floating like a cloud, I wasn't even 100% clear on where I was going, but I guess God guided my feet to the right directions HAHA. I was alone, and I started counting my blessings and walking with God. He reminded me of the highlights of the days, and even the small things that seemed unimportant but were really small blessings. I was on the verge of tearing, really thankful for everything.

Alexander once said that we were God's angels sent to him at the right time, but these 7 boys are my angels as well! :D

I wonder if the chee cheong fun is still in Grace's bag.................................

I survived the second day on a bao, ice lemon tea, water, and a bowl of chendol. TSK TSK. I didn't even feel hungry :O

22nd: BYEBYE *sniffs*

This day was actually the day full of disappointments, close shaves, and headaches.

Disappointments because of the fans we heard of/saw after the boys returned to their hotel after their radio schedule, close shaves due to a certain incident that happened in Orchard Shopping Centre which only the people involved would know :P, my heart was in my mouth at that time, thank God it wasn't what we thought it was!! Headaches because of the keeping track of the vehicle numbers, phone calls here and there, trying to figure out their plan, which we eventually did. & in contrary to what some fans who bombarded Alexander and Kevin at ION think, we were in fact, aware of where exactly the 2 boys were. We just chose to let them shop in peace and wait for them to return back to the hotel, although they still weren't able to shop in peace ._.

After a long day of waiting, Uncle Alan was really nice, he constantly asked us if we wanted to get food to eat, and kept saying "You don't need to eat?!?" and we were more concerned about where the boys were and why we were wasting money sitting at the hotel/in the van waiting and waiting and nobody appeared. In the end, he went to buy 2 whole roasted chickens for us to eat! :O I saw Alexander and Kevin jump out of their van and running inside, once the van stopped. A while later, the boys' van picked them up and finally, we were on the move! 

It was such a short drive to Long Beach Dempsey Road, where the boys went into private rooms for their seafood dinner. According to Rusee, the boys only started waving when they spotted us o.O I don't really have any recollection of that though HAHA! I thought they were waving all the way :P Anyway, thank God we were forced to takeaway due to some circumstances, and we were able to sit comfortably in the airconditioned van eating our dinner. Later on, after much debate, we decided to head on to the airport to prepare for the human barricade we planned to do, thanks to Rusee's brilliant suggestion. I don't want to go into the details, it's too messy and don't really want to put it in words, but anyway, we were able to form the barricade in the end.

Although it broke halfway, and we fell eventually, on top of each other, but I'm glad that the boys stayed safe, especially Soohyun. I know they are healthy boys, who are probably stronger than any of us are, but still! I won't go into details :P You know, if you know :P Alexander kept shouting not to push and to be careful, and when we fell, Kibum kept turning his head to check on us. Dongho too, wanted to help us. Soohyun actually extended his hand out, wanting to pull us up, but they had to keep moving.

I'm just thankful that none of us were hurt, although it kind of ended in a crying fest. I only started crying when I hugged Anthea T-T These are the girls who really care for U-Kiss, and even though it might have not been perfect, but the heart was there, and that's all that's enough (: Most of us didn't even get to see the boys clearly, despite what some think, that we formed the barricade in order to be within the closest range to see them. We didn't even get to wave goodbye to the boys, after they entered through the gate. Those fans who pushed and pushed, shoved gifts, and didn't care even if people fell and trampled over them, I don't really know what to say about that kind of behaviour. Right after the boys were out of sight, these fans disappeared downstairs to receive the boys of B2ST.

I could tell that the boys were really worried about us :> But thankfully, by God's grace of course, none of us were injured! Hey, we are stronger than you think we are yeah! xD

This day was the worst of all, but.. overall, this experience was so GOOD.

I would love for them to come back again, but if such episodes would continue, I actually would rather them not come anymore :3 Or depending on certain factors, if you know you know ;) 

Now, Anthea is in the hospital, and on the oxygen machine again >.<
Really praying hard for her to be discharged tomorrow, and that her chest pains, blood in the phglem will disappear.
Our Healer will heal her, for sure. I have faith. I think God can't stand her 애교 either HAHA~ <3

*stolen from gracepng.

Really really thankful for all the blessings I've received through this trip and this experience, and I feel that this has only made ukissme.SG a stronger community, and re-stabilized our foundation, and most of all, we were able to form new friendships, or strengthen them (: I miss these girls already!! You know who you are ;) Also, guess what! I finally met U-Kiss, and I love them a million times more. I'm a fan that came at a weird timing, right after they left Singapore in 2008, a few days later, I became an Alexander fan. Meeting my ukissme.SG girls, really thankful for them!

Then, the anticipation for their comeback, & despite the concept -not really visually appealing to many but I LIKE :P- There was even people saying that Kiss Mes are really nice because they stood by U-Kiss despite the unusual concept xD I don't know why, I actually grew more fond of them during that period :P Because they showed who they really were, and that was good enough :D

I love how ukissme.SG welcomed Kiseop with open arms, while there were fans cropping pictures, going all Only 6! Now, I can't imagine U-Kiss without Kiseop. Of course, 6 is a better number to buy stuff in, i.e. drinks haha but 7 ah 7~!!

Slowly, gradually, I grew fond of each and every single member, because that's how special they are.

어제보다~ 오늘더~ 많이사랑합니다~!

(I love you more today than I did yesterday~!)

a Kiss Me.
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Tiffanyblacktag on June 25th, 2010 08:39 am (UTC)
liqing~~ im tiffany btw. omg even though i didnt go malaysia with you girls but still , this post was so nice (': you girls put in so much effort for the boys, really. anw thank goodness anthea is fine nowwww \o/
liqing (:: seaweed faceslqhs on June 25th, 2010 04:19 pm (UTC)
aww hello tiffany! thank you <3 thanks for being part of ukissmeSG too :D
the sunrise sets the scenemeloncreme on June 25th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
liqing (:: kevinwhysocuteslqhs on June 25th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC)
waaaaaaaaiiiii~~~~~ nana zhang?
the sunrise sets the scenemeloncreme on June 25th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
I read this in the cinema just before Toy Story 3 started. I missed a little bit of the short film before it. LOL.

liqing (:: alexsingingslqhs on June 25th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
HAHA why! :O I wanna watch Toy Story 3~~~~~~~~
the sunrise sets the scenemeloncreme on June 25th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
LOL cause you tweeted and I just so happened to check Twitter at that time. I wasn't going to read it, but my fingers were too itchy.

liqing (:: donghoslqhs on June 25th, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
ooooooo okay I shall :D itchy fingers much? it's not exactly a short post!! LOL
the sunrise sets the scenemeloncreme on June 25th, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
The short film in front of it was really good. I adore Pixar's short films. :D

I read your post pretty fast. Don't think I've ever read something that fast in my life. What an eventful 3 days... (understatement)
ext_294446 on October 22nd, 2010 09:43 am (UTC)
Hi,is there any admin i can contact? Please text me up at 97907649. Regarding a concert and fan meet on 19th nov. U-kiss will be coming to sg. Concert held at bedok reservoir,tickets at only $38!! Not to be missed.
ext_296633 on October 24th, 2010 11:41 am (UTC)
umm do u have any idea where to buy their ticket ?